The Ways to pay for bitcoins

Cash deposit, Visa/Master card, last but not least, Wechat pay
Cash deposit to bank

Go to the bank and deposit cash, get the receipt. Take a picture of the receipt and send it to us. It's easy and fast bitcoin trading.

Prepaid Credit Card

MUST have card in hand. Type out Card info: Card number, Exp date, CVV. Send the card front and back clearly visible. Coins will be released quick.

Wechat Pay in RMB

Wechat is one of the most popular communicated tool in China. Wechat Pay is the easiest way to pay in RMB for the bitcoin.

Sakura Bitcoins Overview

about Bitcoins and about Sakura Bitcoin
Bitcoins Security?

Is cryptocurrency security? It is good to use?

  • Basically, it is security.
  • Bitcoins won't charge back when you recieve it.
  • Give out no personal info at the transaction of bitcoins.
  • It is convenient and easy to use.
  • Must find reliable wallet to hold the bitcoin.
Worth to hold Bitcoins?

Depend on people, you could say Yes or No

  • Holding bitcoins as an investment. You can win or lose.
  • More shops and internet shops start to accept bitcoins.
  • If you don't like technology, you may be like bitcoins.
  • Eventually, bitcoin price will get higher, this is the trend.
Why Sakura bitcoin?

Why trade with Sakura bitcoin?

  • Sakura Bitcoin is based in Canada and Japan
  • We has years experience to have good reputation.
  • We are Reliable and Honest in our business.
  • We try to accept the vary ways to pay for the bitcoins.
  • We respect our every single customer.

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Communication is the most important to us for sell and buy bitcoin.

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